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Assured Flat Roofing

We at Assured are experts in Flat roof replacement, repair and advice.

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We at Assured are experts in Flat roof replacement, repair and advice! Our knowledge outweighs most when it comes to this sector. With experience in a vast range of flat roof coverings, we will be sure to offer the best advice, competitive rates, and when we replace a flat roof it will always been completed to the highest standard possible, without corners being cut!
We are also familiar with both warm roof and cold roof requirements, and we can advise on the best course of action to keep your home not only watertight, but warm in the winter and cool in the summer too.

ClassicBond EPDM

A very popular product, cost effective, with a proven lifespan of over 35 years, and a 20 year warranty, many people choose ClassicBond for their smaller domestic flat roof. We think this product is ideal for porches, garages and small/medium extensions alike.

Hertalan Pro EPDM

The Crème De La Crème of made to measure EPDM coverings. The Hertalan EPDM system carries many of the benefits of the ClassicBond system, but with a higher quality and larger ancillary catalogue. The Hertalan system is a little more robust, can be made to measure in sheets of up to 2000m2, and is more suited to larger flat roof areas, or those who just prefer a higher grade product on their roof. There aren’t many Hertalan approved installers around, especially with nearly 12 years’ experience on this product alone!


This Hybrid system incorporates EPDM and Bitumen to create a fantastic versatile product! It’s self-adhesive, comes on ‘felt size’ rolls, and is a great product for roofs littered with skylights, soil pipes, gutters etc… Its hot melt bitumen weldable seams make it a very niche product and at 2.5mm in thickness a very durable system indeed, making Resitrix the ideal candidate if a roof will be subject to heavy foot traffic.

Fatra Liquid PU (Liquid Plastics)

We are also fully trained on 3 types of liquid PU. We can offer up to a 20 year warranty on our liquid products. A Very fast installation makes this in ever more popular option for roof coverings in the UK. We are trained on the Fatra Liquid system which we think is the best all-rounder. Please contact us for more information on this system.

Fatra Single Ply (PVC)

We have a team dedicated to single ply. One of the neatest products on the market once installed, this product is great for those roofs in constant view! This product (along with the liquid system from Fatra) is very popular with local authorities, property developers and main contractors, but is also used on smaller domestic dwellings where the higher quality finish is desired.

Sedum Roof Gardens

We have been involved in green roof installations now for over a decade, and as such we have a lasting relationship with a local grower of a quality Sedum Green Roof system. We come highly recommended from our supplier and our previous customers, feel free to scroll through our gallery photos and see some of the beautiful roof gardens we have installed.

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